In the land of Alister, there are two warring countries. When Princess Ashelia's brother dies, she takes his identity as to make his dream come true. But what happens when she get's caught into the enemy's army, and falls in love with Lucas, who is the general, and Prince, of the country she is supposed to hate?


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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chapter Seventeen

The whole campsite hidden in the forest near the Alister River started to move, every soldier knowing their part, and all of them commanded.
            Spiridon had thought everything out, and though his plans had been slightly altered by the others, it was still his own. He started doing a mental checklist, making sure everything was ready.
            This is it, Spiridon breathed. Everything, it all comes down to this night.
            A platoon got mounted, the horses whinnying as they all started to move, led by a Lieutenant. The bridge had been placed two miles from there, they were ready.
            He saw as the chain wall, rising fifteen feet up, with spikes to dig into the ground for stability at the bottom, was lifted. There was a soldier placed all long the chain wall, which was about a mile wide, every ten feet or so. They started moving, and he saw as they moved.
            There were two campsites placed near the river, one was right across from the enemy campsite, which was what they were attacking, and the other was where Spiridon was, a mile above. The enemy was too busy keeping an eye on that campsite, only sending a few patrollers a mile away, which was where the other bridge was set.
            The chain wall was to be lifted over it, and then placed all around campsite, quite a distance away so they wouldn’t be able to see it. Soldiers would be sent ahead, disposing of any patrollers before they could send message.
            Spiridon and General Andreas mounted their horses, heading to the campsite a mile below, and where the real attack was to be held.
            They got there, and Lieutenants came up, reporting.
            “Everything’s clear, sir,” said one.
            “The sign should come in a few minutes, Prince,” said another.
            Spiridon nodded. Now all he had to do was wait.

Chapter Sixteen

Word travelled fast around Amicah. The next day, everyone in the country knew that Ashelia De Sancto Serennio was Ash De Fieruilla. Meetings were made, rumors were born, and uncertainty grew around the whole country.
            “Ashelia De Serennio is Prince Lucas’ Royal Guard.”
            “I heard she snuck in here, pretending to be a country boy.”
            “It seems that the Prince and his Royal Collaborator are protecting her.”
            “Not only that, the King and Queen themselves are protecting her too.”
            “Even after she almost killed King Evander?”
            Ashelia was glad she could throw away her wig, but it was not a nice feeling to have everyone watching her, especially the guards, as if they were ready to go and lunge at her if she becomes too suspicious.
            After the huge revelation last night, Ashelia had just gone straight to bed, and somehow not even wanting to wake up. But she did, and now she was walking the corridors, maids and guards and other castle staff already speaking. She passed the kitchen, hearing the radio on. And of course, they were talking about her.

Chapter Fifteen

“I missed you!” Amalia screamed in excitement as she ran over and gave Lucas a hug, her long blue dress shuffling about.
            “Hello, Amalia,” Lucas greeted, forcing a smile. High Lord Corydon and High Lady Arissa followed, smiling.
            Lucas’ mother gave them each a welcoming, and guided all of them of over to the couches where they all sat down. Amalia sat down next to Lucas, clinging to him like a leech. It was obvious she knew what they wanted to talk about.
            “So you want to speak to us about marriage?” asked High Lord Corydon.
            “I think it’s a splendid idea,” commented High Lady Arissa.
            Beside Lucas Amalia giggled, and she smiled up at him, batting her eye lashes. As conversation continued about the marriage, and the ceremony, and everything else to be prepared, Lucas looked down at Amalia. As he looked at her, he knew she was really beautiful, and a really nice girl. Someone well known the public, and no one would deny for the marriage. He reached up and ran his fingers through her shiny, soft strawberry blonde hair, which Amalia responded by intertwining her fingers in his. He felt the warmth of her hand, the softness of it.
            Ashelia’s words to say she wanted him to marry her had deeply upset him, but he knew otherwise. That kiss said it all. She loved him too.
            And he knew he couldn’t do this.