In the land of Alister, there are two warring countries. When Princess Ashelia's brother dies, she takes his identity as to make his dream come true. But what happens when she get's caught into the enemy's army, and falls in love with Lucas, who is the general, and Prince, of the country she is supposed to hate?


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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chapter Seventeen

The whole campsite hidden in the forest near the Alister River started to move, every soldier knowing their part, and all of them commanded.
            Spiridon had thought everything out, and though his plans had been slightly altered by the others, it was still his own. He started doing a mental checklist, making sure everything was ready.
            This is it, Spiridon breathed. Everything, it all comes down to this night.
            A platoon got mounted, the horses whinnying as they all started to move, led by a Lieutenant. The bridge had been placed two miles from there, they were ready.
            He saw as the chain wall, rising fifteen feet up, with spikes to dig into the ground for stability at the bottom, was lifted. There was a soldier placed all long the chain wall, which was about a mile wide, every ten feet or so. They started moving, and he saw as they moved.
            There were two campsites placed near the river, one was right across from the enemy campsite, which was what they were attacking, and the other was where Spiridon was, a mile above. The enemy was too busy keeping an eye on that campsite, only sending a few patrollers a mile away, which was where the other bridge was set.
            The chain wall was to be lifted over it, and then placed all around campsite, quite a distance away so they wouldn’t be able to see it. Soldiers would be sent ahead, disposing of any patrollers before they could send message.
            Spiridon and General Andreas mounted their horses, heading to the campsite a mile below, and where the real attack was to be held.
            They got there, and Lieutenants came up, reporting.
            “Everything’s clear, sir,” said one.
            “The sign should come in a few minutes, Prince,” said another.
            Spiridon nodded. Now all he had to do was wait.


            “What was that kiss all of a sudden?” Lucas asked.
            Ashelia smiled, her face blushing. They had gone back to the inn, moving all their things to the suite. Stephen and Dominick had gone out, tending to their horses and getting anything else they needed.
            “I just wanted to?” Ashelia said, dropping her cloak onto a bed. The suite was much better, having four beds instead of just two. The bathroom was bigger, having mirrors lining the walls. The view was better, and the space was completely bigger.
            Lucas laughed under his breath, and then looked around. “And what is this about? The manager suddenly gave us the room because of you?”
            She shrugged. “I guess he just changed his mind.”
            Lucas stared at her, smiling. His blue eyes sparkled as he looked at her, and she gave him another smile. He laughed again and went to sit next to her on one of the beds.
            “And why are you so happy?” he asked.
            “Is that bad?” Ashelia laughed.
            “No,” said Lucas, staring at her. “I love that you’re happy. And even though you finally decided to be with me, I didn’t think you’d ever actually kiss me in public.”
            Ashelia shrugged. “You’re father is completely right, Lucas. Things are changing. Some things are getting worse…but some things are getting better.”
            “Does that help?’ he asked.
            “It does,” Ashelia said, her eyes brightening. “It doesn’t matter how small, but once people change and actually start doing things about everything bad going around in the world, others will follow. Can’t you see Lucas? What the people need is a leader. And I think you’ll be that leader.”
            Lucas shook his head, smiling at her. “Sounds to me like it should be you.”
            Ashelia froze. “Me? What? No.”
            Lucas nodded. “You don’t notice it, Ashelia, but you have a huge effect on people.”
            She shook her head, not listening to him. “I don’t think so. But either way, as long as a leader comes up and starts speaking up and actually doing something about it, things will change.”
            Lucas reached over and took her hand into his. “If you are right…what things would you want to change?”
            Ashelia bit her lip, thinking. “I don’t really have a say in what changes or not…”
            “But you do,” Lucas said.
            “Not really,” Ashelia said.
            Lucas sighed. “And you say I’m the stubborn one?” he lifted her hand kissed the back of it. “Let me rephrase the question then. If in some alternate dimension, things really did become different and you could make anything change as you wish, what would you change?”
            Ashelia thought for a moment, and Lucas smiled at the focus in her expression.
            “I would change a lot,” she said. “In reality not everything turns out perfect, but somehow, if I could…I would end this war,” she said, looking up into his eyes. “I would definitely end this war, having peace instead. In fact, I would merge Marcellus and Amicah into one, so there wouldn’t be another possibility of war in the future. I would make sure all the homeless children are fed and sheltered, and spend money on the things the people actually need.” Ashelia continued, all the thoughts rushing through her head.
            Lucas nodded, smiling at her.
            She caught herself, looking into his eyes, and she blushed. “And…there are other more personal things I would want to change. I would want to find Stephen’s family, since even though he never talks about it; I know he wants to know. I would also let Aislin join the army, even train her myself so she can become a Lieutenant or something. And...” Ashelia looked up at Lucas. “I would find your brother, so you two can see each other again. And I would make it so we can be together. Together, fully. Without me hiding from my own country, and with all the people supporting it.”
            Lucas stared into her eyes, mesmerized. He leaned forward and kissed her, wanting nothing more in the world at that moment. They felt right together. Nothing else felt so right. Every time they kissed, they seemed to forget their worries, and strength surges in them, making them more determined than before to change everything so they can be together.
            They made each other stronger.
            As they pulled away for a breath, he leaned his forehead onto hers, staring deeply into her eyes.
            “I love you, Ashelia De Sancto Serennio. Nothing will ever change that.”
            Ashelia breathed, feeling the warmth and truth in his words.
            “I lo—”
            Ashelia froze, her heart starting to beat faster than usual. She pulled away suddenly, trying to calm herself down, her face extremely hot.
            “Ashelia?” Lucas asked.
            Fear had stopped her. Fear that, after everything, somehow they might not end up together.
            Where had all that confidence gone? Ashelia asked herself.
            Lucas was the one thing she was most afraid of losing, and having all these possibilities of things that could go wrong, she won’t be able to be sure.
            She was in love with Lucas, that was for certain. But she couldn’t say it. Not out loud. Not when things were still so fragile. Any moment, they could lose each other. Just like she had lost everyone else important to her.
            Ashelia looked at Lucas, tears starting to form. She embraced him, feeling the safety that overwhelmed her whenever he held her in his arms.
            “More than anything, I don’t want to lose you,” Ashelia murmured in his chest. She closed her eyes as his fingers ran through her silver hair, calming her heart down. “Some day soon, I wish to tell you my feelings. I want to be able to tell you my feelings, truthfully, and when that day comes, know that I am speaking from my heart, and those feelings will never ever change.”
            Lucas kissed her forehead, continuing to stroke her hair. “Before, I had promised you that I would never let your secret come out…and I failed. But this time, I promise, with all my heart, one day I will make it so you are wearing a white dress, smiling as you walk down the aisle. And I will be at the very end, waiting for you after you have finished everything you need to. I promise.”

            Lieutenant Avis led his platoon, heading out towards the small bridge placed a few miles about the campsite. His mission was simple; capture General Demetrius.
            Okay maybe it’s not that simple, he thought to himself. He had only become a Lieutenant a week ago, and now he was placed for a mission that could jeopardize the whole plan if he failed.
            So do not fail, then, he thought.
            As his platoon of about thirty soldiers headed out on horse, they soon got to the river, and they passed it. Avis could feel the tension rising in his soldiers, knowing they were now in enemy territory.
            General Andreas had gotten inside information, having bribed one of the soldiers there. He had spoken of how General Demetrius was to head out towards the Amicah base, which was reported up north, at midnight. Avis’ mission was to take his men and intercept him, capturing him all the while.
            He took all his men and they all hid behind some trees, waiting.
            Avis looked up, the moon barely seen, as sometimes fully not there when the clouds blocked them. Most of the officers of Marcellus military do not approve of Spiridon leading this, knowing he has no real military experience, but this plan might truly work.
            It wasn’t long until hooves sounded on the ground, and Avis and his men peered on as horses came. There were maybe fifteen of them, and Avis was relieved that they had the advantage in numbers.
            He looked at his men a nodded, knowing to capture as much as they can. The soldiers they can afford to kill if capture is impossible, but General Demetrius was their goal. He was to be captured alive and taken back to the campsite.
            He looked at his men, their eyes shining with fear and determination. Avis could see the anticipation rolling off all of them.
            He nodded at them, and they all sprung forward, ready for action.

            General Andreas mounted his horse, and catching eyes with the other captains mounted, in the section for planting the chain wall. He looked around, and as he was at the very front of the wall, he couldn’t see the end of it.
            He trotted forward, quietly encouraging the soldiers who carried the wall on their soldiers. Their steps were rhythmic, and he was proud to see they didn’t miss a beat. As they reached the river, they waited. And when the messenger came to tell him that Demetrius was spotted and already in battle, Andreas continued forward, leading the chain wall across the bridge.
            The Amicah south campsite was a mile away; their lights were barely able to be seen. He made sure none of the soldiers carried anything that would reflect or glow, as to show the enemy they were there.
            When there was none, they continued onward, making a perimeter of a circle around the campsite, but making sure it was still a mile away.
            An hour or so later, they had made the most of, having only a few yards or so of space where they could escape. He sent word, and the company consisting of one hundred soldiers rode to where he was, filling the space and gaps all along the chain wall.
At first General Andreas was uncertain of this, the preparation was too long. It had been nearly three weeks for this to be prepared, but as he saw it now, he was confident. This could really work.
            None of the Amicah soldiers would be able to escape.

            Spiridon saw the small flickering blue light, a mile away. It was faint, but it was enough.
            The time was now.
            He charged forward, pointing his sword. The rest of the army of the army of Marcellus came forward at once, the loudest unison yell bellowed through his ears as they all charged forward.
            Spiridon watched as the men got the river, placing the sixty foot bridge made of infused steel and wood, over the fifty foot river, allowing the men to get across.
            The Amicah campsite started to blare with an alarm, even louder than the yells of the men, which Spiridon didn’t think possible. The fifty or so patrols across the river started yelling, and nearly six hundred men came out of the campsite fortress, starting to meet the Marcellus soldiers. Seeming to be at once, they all collided, shouts of outrage ringing the air. Steel met steel everywhere, and soon men were falling down, unable to stand up.
            Spiridon they could do this though.
            They may have had six hundred men, but Spiridon managed to get one thousand men there.
            Spiridon got nauseated, watching as some Amicah soldiers got killed, but he was proud in how the Marcellus soldiers were also doing their job. Their mission was to injure them, but not kill them. The men in the front lines will do whatever they can to make sure the enemy is immobile, and then the men behind them will drag the enemy to the back, taking them alive towards the gigantic building all the thousand count soldiers had worked on for three weeks.
            It was one grand hall, mostly consisting of one gigantic room that could fit up to one thousand men, which was more than enough. Above it were posts where the officers can keep watch, seeing as the soldiers were hostages, somewhat of a bargain for Aeson.
            Spiridon stepped back as more and more Amicah soldiers were taken, most unconscious, towards the great hall.
            Things were going perfectly.
            Lieutenant Avis and his remaining twelve men carried the unconscious General Demetrius back towards the main campsite. What he saw was unbelievable. The soldiers were already in combat, and the Amicah south campsite was in flames, letting everything be seen. Even over a mile away, he could see the chain wall, already in the heat of battle, but Marcellus was winning.
            Avis and some men carried the unconscious General Demetrius up to the balcony of the great hall. They had made the great hall behind trees, hiding it from the enemy since it was pretty close to the river, but now he saw that they had cut them down.
            Spiridon nodded at Avis in satisfaction as they dropped General Demetrius onto the floor of the balcony, which was right in front of the hall, letting them see the whole battle in front of them.
            Spiridon nodded to a soldier, and the soldier pulled on some sort of switch of the hall. The loudest, booming, piercing sound erupted, freezing everyone. The men knew what to do.
            All one thousand of them retreated, heading back away a few yards as the Amicah soldiers stood there in utter disbelief and confusion, their swords still raised from battle.
            Prince Spiridon nodded at the soldier again, who pulled the switch again, stopping the painful sound.
            Spiridon raised a bullhorn, pulling it to his mouth.
            Amicah soldiers!” he bellowed. “I’ll cut straight to the point. We have you’re General,” he yelled, holding up the unconscious General Demetrius. “If you do not want him to perish, you will surrender now. As you can see, you have no fighting chance, and if you do not surrender, you will all die.”
            Spiridon paused, letting all that sink in. Everything was waiting on this moment.
            Surrender now and we will not kill you. Just drop your swords, and walk calmly over the river, and into this building,” he continued.
            The dread emanated from every single Amicah soldier, knowing Spiridon was right. Soon, swords were dropped, and hanged heads started filing into the Great hall.
            Success, Spiridon grinned to himself.

            Attacked?!” Lucas exclaimed, shock and outraged rising in him.
            “That idiotic Spiridon, what is he thinking?!” Ashelia spat.
            “Seems to me he had quite some strategic skills,” Dominick murmured, also down right surprised.
            “Yeah,” Ashelia said in disgust,” he gets it from our father.”
            The three of them had just gotten there, and quickly they were dragged into the conference building, only to be told that yesterday, an injured soldier came to them, telling of news of how Spiridon had captured the whole campsite, keeping them in a great hall they built, and then using them as bait to get Aeson. He was allowed to be sent away as a messenger.
            “And he even has Demetrius?!” Lucas asked.
            The Captains and Lieutenants were stuffed inside the conference room, fear all around them. It was apparent to Lucas they didn’t know what to do, and they desperately needed a leader.
            “It seems to me like we have two options here,” said Lieutenant Andrew, his expression flat. “Either we go and full on attack, which we would lose countless lives, or we give their precious ‘Aeson’ back to them.”
            Lucas scowled at him. “Not an option.”
            Lieutenant Andrew stood up, glaring back. “What else, Prince Lucas? They sent a messenger back, giving us only one option. Give ‘Aeson’ back and then General Demetrius will be handed back to us, or not and they will all die.”
            “Either way we don’t get our soldiers back,” murmured Captain Ajax.
            “That might be true,” said Lieutenant Andrew. “But they won’t be killed. They’ll be able to live in Marcellus, alive, which is better than all of them dying. We have no other choice then to obey!”
            “Try to touch Ashelia and I will kill you,” Lucas growled.
            “Lucas, we all know of your relationship with Princess Ashelia, but in the end you’re still Prince of Amicah. A General of thousands of men,” said Lieutenant Andrew.
            Ashelia felt sharp guilt hitting her, and she rested a hand on Lucas shoulder. She looked at the other officers in the room, along with Dominick.
            “Can you give Lucas and I a moment?” she asked them.
            They all looked around, uncertain, but nodded. Slowly they all filed out and Ashelia looked Lucas squarely in the eye.
            “You can’t do this,” she told him, flat out.
            Lucas shook his head. “What do you mean?”
            Ashelia sighed, stepping towards him and wrapping her arms around his neck. Lucas wrapped his arms around her waist.
            “You’re being an idiot,” she said.
            “Ouch,” said Lucas.
            “I’m serious,” murmured Ashelia. “I never meant to take you from who you really are. I fell for who you are. And who you are is the Prince of Amicah. The General of the Amicah army. And a man who would do anything to save his men.”
            Lucas sighed, pulling away from her. “I know,” he said. “I know…but I can’t lose you, Ashelia.”
            “I won’t let you lose yourself either,” she murmured, her hazel eyes gently burning into his.
            Lucas reached for her hand, intertwining his fingers in hers. “I wish there was a way where we could somehow keep you safe, and all the while save all those men and Demetrius.”
            Ashelia thought, thinking. “…that’s…impossible,” she murmured.
            Lucas sighed, closing his eyes. “I know,” he said quietly.
            “But…” Ashelia said, her head spinning, memories, thoughts and ideas came through her head. “I think I might know how to save the men and Demetrius.”
            Lucas looked up at her. “How?”
            Ashelia gave him a small smile, then walked out, calling everyone back in. Once they were all seated down, she went to stand by Lucas again, and he took her hand, gripping it tightly.
            “The messenger said that the men are kept in a great hall that Spiridon had the men build, correct?” she asked.
            The officers nodded.
            A small smile came to her expression. “And the only thing that keeps them locked is the door, controlled by a switch in another room?”
            “That’s right,” said Captain Elias. “But the room where it holds the panel is on the second story. You can’t just go in there from inside. The entrance to the second story is probably at the back of the building, surrounded by guards.”
            Ashelia shook her head. “That’s not what I’m trying to say. What I’m trying to say is in that gigantic room, holding nearly six hundred men; it would get extremely hot considering it is almost summer.”
            Look of confusion came everywhere. Lucas even looked at her, unbearably confused.
            “What I’m saying is, in Marcel, most great halls are built the same. So the layout would probably be the same as when my brother and I used to play around them…or well, in the vents.”
            All eyes stared at her.
            “…vents?” Lucas asked.
            “I may have grown,” Ashelia said. “But I’m sure I can still squeeze in. And I’m still the smallest one here, and the only one who knows the way through the vents. So only I could do it.”
            “You’re saying,” Lieutenant Andrew asked, “You’re going to crawl through the vents and open the door from the inside?”
            Ashelia nodded. “That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

            Ashelia knew the plan, and she had to do. A platoon of maybe thirty men, led by Lieutenant Andrew, Captain Elias and Lucas were placed, hidden deep in the trees. They were to wait there until the time came.
            “I see it,” said Ashelia, quietly pointing to the side of the Great Hall. There was a vent opening, big enough for her to fit in. She also took in the other details, just for caution. All the Marcellus soldiers were away in the campsite, behind the Great Hall. They were resting up, unaware of what was about to happen.
            Ashelia also saw the layout of the Great Hall, and was relieved she was right. Just the huge room for the soldiers, and the entrance to the second story was out back, behind the building.
            Ashelia looked at the thin plank that they had managed to get to cross the fifty foot river, making sure it was sturdy enough for her.
            “You don’t have to do this, Ashelia,” said Lucas.
            She turned around to look at him. Seeing his blue eyes staring at her like that nearly killed her. Immediately she threw herself in his arms, savoring the feel of his arms around her. The safety she always felt would be missing soon.
            “This might be the last time I ever see y—”
            Lucas interrupted her, gently covering her mouth with his hand. “That’s not true,” he whispered. “We’ll see each other again. I promised to marry you, remember?”
            Ashelia’s face grew extremely hot, remembering. She buried her face in his chest. “I would love that,” she said, her voice starting to break. “We can get married, and get our own house together, off in the country where no one can bother us.”
            “I would spend every day with you, making the greatest of memories,” Lucas said. “I’d take care of you until the end of days…with our son too, of course.”
            Ashelia froze, surprised. She didn’t look up though; she just closed her eyes, content. She tightened her arms around him. “Son?” she asked. “Maybe it’ll be girl.”
            “Maybe both,” Lucas said, and Ashelia could hear the smile in his voice.
            They held each other, and Ashelia started to want nothing more than just stay there with him forever.
            “It’s not too late,” Lucas murmured. “We can go and run away together, to a place no one can find us. We can be together forever there.”
            Ashelia let that thought sink in.
            “I don’t want to lose you, Ashelia,” he whispered.
            Before she knew it, tears were falling down her face. She looked up, gently pressing her hand on his cheek, staring at his eyes, savoring the feel of his face.
            She remembered his features; his curly black hair tied behind the nape of his neck, and especially his bright blue eyes.
            The blue eyes which had seen the worst of me, Ashelia thought, and still loved me.
            Lucas leaned down and kissed her, intense yet gentle at the same time.
            It was still there. It’s always been there; the sadness lingering in the background of the happiness and joy. It was there now, looming and more powerful than ever.
            Ashelia pressed herself closer to him and Lucas held her tight, neither of them wanting to let go.
            How far had they gone together? What are the things they had gone through? The things they had felt?
            Memories started flashing between them, starting from when they first met, and how they didn’t even dare trust each other. Soon they had become friends, and everything became unclear. Lucas found out Ashelia’s identity, and their struggle to keep her secret safe had their hearts aching.
            Their first kiss, their journey’s together, all the while knowing fate will catch up to them any moment.
            That moment was now.
            They pulled away staring into each other’s eyes.
            “Lately,” murmured Ashelia. “I’ve been wishing that we lived in an alternate dimension like you asked me, where there was no war…no fighting…nothing stopping us from being together.” Ashelia smiled at him gently, her eyes sparkling, the tears falling from her face.
            Lucas closed his eyes, willing the tears away. He nodded, smiling back. “We could go shopping, getting you out of those clothes,” he laughed, gesturing to the soldier’s uniform she was still wearing.
            Ashelia laughed, realizing how much she would love to go shopping. How long has it been since she had worn something other than a soldier’s uniform with a sword on her side?
            “If we had a son,” Ashelia said softly, warmth spreading through her at the thought. “What would we name him?”
            “Erasmus,” said Lucas. “And if it’s a girl, Carissa. Both meaning ‘beloved’.”
            Ashelia smiled, nodding. “Those are perfect.”
            They stared into each other’s eyes again, knowing the clock was ticking down.
            “It’s not too late,” Lucas whispered again. “We can still go.”
            Ashelia shook her head, kissing him gently again. “We can’t run away forever,” she whispered.
            A saddened expression came over Lucas, and then he looked into her eyes, determined. “We’ll see each other again,” he said. “Back to place where we first met.”
            The memories came back to Ashelia, recalling everything.
            “I love you,” Lucas whispered.
            Ashelia stared into the eyes that she has been with in this journey. They were the eyes of a man with the biggest heart she knows. And she was still certain he could become the greatest king Alister has ever known.
            “I love you,” Ashelia whispered, wanting him to know before it was too late.
            She pulled away and ran onto the plank, crossing the bridge.
Ashelia was determined to do this right. For Lucas.
            They both knew that even if their hearts were breaking at that very second, the wind will keep blowing, no matter what they did. Time won’t stop, no matter what they wished.
            The only thing they could do now was change fate themselves.

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